Rock Rapids
Finished 2nd at Rock Rapids last night. After moving a piece of lead after the
heat race, the car was just a little too tight on entry. Good race between us
the 54K and the 45K to close out the race. The track changed from the start
of the B-mod feature to the end. First time this year the preferred lane was on
the bottom.
Sioux Center
Started on the outside pull and led every lap of the heat race. Started 7th in
the feature and finished 3rd. Tried to pass the 2nd place car on the last lap
coming out of 2 on the bottom side, but there wasn't enough traction on the
bottom to make it work.
Saturday night we went to opening night at Jackson Speedway. Started 10th
and finished 8th in the feature. The preferred line was on the topside and we
couldn't pass the 7th place car through on the bottom side. Car is still pretty
Rock Rapids
Started 4th and finished 4th Friday night at Rock Rapids. We tried a different
gear that didn't work very well. The car is still pretty tight causing us to not get
off the corners well. We were running with the 2nd and 3rd place cars.
Deer Creek
Started on the pole and finished 10th. We made the car a little too tight on
entry. Should have left the car alone as the track didn't dry out like it was
looking like it would. Also, we could use more motor. That was noticeable on
the start. We did learn a couple of things.
Rock Rapids
Started the feature on the inside of row 3.After running the opening lap on  
the bottom and knowing there wasn't any traction on the exit of the corners,  
Roger went to the topside like everyone else. The track was dry and pretty
much a one-laner on the topside
Started 3rd and got to second in a few laps. Car was pretty tight from the
center of the corners out hurting our exit. We have a new setup on the car
that will need some adjusting, but it seems like it has a lot of potential. The
track was very rough tonight.
Started 21st and finished 14th. Got spun out early in the heat race. Car didn't
work very good for the first night out The race went green-white-checkered
and couldn't pass any more cars.
Rock Rapids
Finished 2nd in the heat race. Got caught up in an early wreck causing a flat
LF tire and a broken LF shock mount ending in a DNF. Car was just too loose
on entry.
Rock Rapids
Made a last lap pass in the heat race to finish 2nd. Started 3rd in the feature.
We made a change after the heat race that made the car a little too tight to
run the bottom side like we should have. Got passed by the eventual winner
who was running the cushion. After post race inspection, the winner was DQ'd
and we awarded the feature win. We hate to win an event like that. The
changes we made at the shop really made a difference.
Sioux Center
Started 6th in the feature. Split two cars in 3 & 4 on the first lap and took over
2nd place going into turn 2. Ran around the topside on the cushion where
everybody else was. Had nothing for the winner who started on the pole.
Race went green-white-checkered.
Rock Rapids
Broke a transmission on the first lap of the feature. The track for the heat
race was very wet. Wasn't any fun to race one.
Rock Rapids
Won our heat race from the outside pole starting spot. Started 4th and was
leading it down the back stretch on lap 2 when the caution flew. A complete
restart was called for and we ending up finishing 3rd. Track had too much of
a cushion on top and was pretty much a one laner
We tested a different engine Saturday night at Jackson. We finished 6th after
starting 8th, but the engine wasn't good enough. Some changes will need to
be made to it before we race it under IMCA again.
Got run into and moved off the track passing the 2nd place car and ended up
finishing 6th in the heat race. Got wrecked on the back stretch on the last lap.
Rock Rapids
After fixing the front end damage from Thursday night, we won our heat. Had
a good car in the feature but was passed to two cars running on the cushion.
Track had two pretty even lines. Ended up finishing 4th.
Sioux Center
Got caught up in another wreck in the A feature. It appears to be mosty body
damage and some front suspension parts.  Makes for a lot of work again.  
Kind of old after last week Thursday.
Rock Rapids
Started on the pole and finsihed 4th in the feature. Car didn't work that well.
We will be trying a new setup our next race.  This is as fast as the car can be
with the current setup
Rock Rapids
Started 4th and won our heat race. Car seemed to work ok. Started 7th in the
feature and snapped an axle on the drop of the green flag.  Probably left
over damage from the previous two wrecks.
Rock Rapids
Started 4th and won the heat race. Started 4th and finished 2nd in the
feature. Tried the bottom side but lost ground.  With the gear of choice not
able to be run, we had to make a change.  Turned the fastest laps of the
year.  But we could tell the gear was hurting us in the feature.  Beat the 66Z,
45K and the 96 to win the King of the Hill race.
Rock Rapids
Track was a one-laner and the car was over heating so we pulled it in under
red. Officially finishing 5th
Rock Rapids
Started on the outside pole of the heat race and led every lap. Started 4th in
the feature and was all over the leader. Tried to cut underneath the leader
going through 3 & 4 on the last lap, but lost traction and got passed at the
flag stand. Finished 3rd, but it was the best car we've had so far this year at
Rock Rapids
Started 6th and finished 3rd in the heat race. Started outside pole on the
feature and led the first 12 laps of the feature. The car was too tight and fell
back to 4th on the restart. Got caught up behind a car with a flat going into
turn 4. Restarted 7th and was running 4th when a big vibration started. It
appears another broken transmission ended our feature too early.
Rock Rapids
Started the feature in the 3rd spot and was trying to run anywhere but on the
cushion. Got spun out from behind with about 5 to go. Car worked really well
on the topside (faster than those in front of us) but the track has become a
one-laner around the topside. Seems like they'll need to take some of the
banking off the topside to make for better racing.
Rock Rapids
Won the heat race with a very tight and not good handling car. Made a slight
change for the feature to free it up. Started 3rd and decided to run the
bottom until we were in the lead or until we got passed by too many cars.
Roger drove a great race passing the 32X for the feature win at the flagstand
by a foot or so. First time in a long while that the bottom was competetive.
Great way to finish the year at Rock Rapids.
Started outside pole for the heat. After the leader spun his tires on the initial
start, a restart was called for. The pole-sitter (who spun us while leading a
heat back in 2008) drove into us in the first corner taking us both up the
track. Finished 5th in the heat. Finished 8th in the C-Feature after having to
checkup for the outside line on the start.
Started outside pole for the heat again. First heat race after farming. Led
every lap of the heat race. Started 16th in the A feature and was up to 10th
when a spark plug wire came off causing a DNF. Car was working good and
think we had a good shot at making the big show. Needed just a top 8 to
Started 8th in the heat race and finished 5th. Car was very tight. Finished 5th
in the C feature and was held up in traffic all race long. Finished 47th in
points of the non-qualifiers. Missed the last chance A feature on Saturday by
6 points. A better day 1 would have landed us in the last chance A feature.