2010 Race Results
Rock Rapids
First night on the 2010 Medieval Chassis.  Lead every lap of our heat race
after starting on the outside pole.  Car was too loose in the heat.  Car got a
little sideways in four.  Roger got it straightened, but a car from behind drove
straight into the leaf rear.  Hopefully we can get the broken parts replaced in
time for Friday night.
Rock Rapids
Started on the pole in the heat and challenged for the lead the entire heat
race.  Track wasn't very wide and couldn't around the leader on the bottom
side.  We started on the outside pole and beat the pole-sitter to corner one.  
Led all 15 laps and was never really challenged.  Car worked pretty good
tonight.  Ending up winning by about a half a straightaway.  It was our first
feature win in the 2010 Medieval Chassis in just our second night out in the
We started 5th in our heat and finished 4th.  Car worked okay but was a little
tight.  After making a few changes to loosen the car up, we started 10th.  With
all the wind, the track conditions became dry and slick.  We definitely didn't
have the right setup under the car and took home a 7th place finish.
Rock Rapids
Started 7th and fought a tight car on a very wet and narrow track and finished
6th in our heat race.  As we walked the track at intermission, the conditions
looked to be very similar to last week except the preferred line looked to be
right around the bottom.  We made some changes to allow the car to turn
through the center of the corner.  We started 6th.  With everyone right
around the bottom of the track, it just took us too many laps to pass each
car.  Roger made a move coming out of the last corner and passed the 2nd
place car coming to the checkered flag.  Wish we would have had the 15 laps
like we had last week instead of the 10 we ran last night.  Maybe we could
have run down the leader.
The weather was warm and windy making for a dry track.  We started 5th and
finished 5th in our heat.  Car worked okay.  We made a slight change to
loosen up the car for the feature as we knew the track was going to be dry
and we'd be running the bottom.  We started 3rd and fell back to 5th during
the first few, cautioned filled laps.  We eventually settled into the 3rd position
as the remaining laps clicked off.  We right there with the 2nd place car, but
never could get enough of a run to pass him.
Sioux Center
With rain in the forecast, we headed to Sioux Center for the 9 to 1 Nationals.
We finished 4th in the heat but ran down the leaders.   Car worked very well.
Started on the outside pole for the feature and had a bad start.  Fell in-line
behind the leader on the bottom-side going into turn 1.  Was based by 2 cars
on the outside on the first lap.  With the bottom of the corners fairly slick on
exit, the top 4 spots would not change hands the entire race.
Rock Rapids
After a good night at Sioux Center, we headed for Rock Rapids on Friday
night. In the heat race, we started 4th and finished 4th on a very tack track.
Passing was hard to accomplish. We started 4th in the feature as well. The
track remained tacky with turns 1 and 2 becoming rough. We were stick
behind the same car most of the night and couldn't’ get around him as the car
just wouldn'tt turn well enough in the corners. We have some ideas on how
loosen the car up on a tacky track. Overall, the stock cars put on the best
race of the night.
Rock Rapids
We started outside pole of our heat race and led every lap.  With the 410
Sprint cars on hand, the track was really dry and had no grip in it.  After
making 3 changes after the heat race win, we weren't sure how good the car
would be.  Starting inside row 2, we took the race lead 2 laps into the race.  A
caution flag would come out with 3 laps to go, erasing our 7 car length lead.  
We lengthened the lead to a couple of car lengths as we took home the
feature win.  Car worked good and Roger drove a great race, getting the car
to turn through the center of the corner and getting good forward drive off the
With the right rear going flat, the heat race ended a few laps early.  Trying a
different setup for the feature, we struggle taking home an 8th place finish.  
This was not a setup we'll be trying again at Jackson anytime soon.
Rock Rapids
We finished 5th at Rocky. Track was really slimey for the heats. Track was
tacky and only about a lane and half wide through the corners.
Started 8th in the heat and finished 3rd.  Finished 2nd in the B and started
16th.  Car was just too tight in the middle of the corner.
Rock Rapids
After finishing a strong 2nd place in the heat race, we started on the pole for
the feature.  The track still had some grip in it by our feature and the car
worked well.  Roger could set the car on entry and get through the center of
the corner with no problems.  As a result of good handling car, he could
mash the throttle to the floor without spinning the tires on the exit of the
corner.  The race went caution free and Roger was never really challenged,
winning by about a half of a straightaway.  We took home our third feature
win at Rock Rapids last night.
Rock Rapids
We returned to Rapid Speedway Friday night leading the Stock Car point
standings and looking to win back to back features.  We finished 2nd in our
heat after starting 3rd.  We were right on the bumper of the leader, but
couldn't pass him.  Starting 7th in the heat, running 5th late in the race,
Roger got side by side with the 4th car entering turn 3.  The car slide up and
got into the 54k, spinning him out and creating a caution.  At the same time
the leader pulled into the pits.  With two laps to go, we restarted 3rd and
finished 3rd.  The car didn't handle very well.
After having our race car in the Hull parade, we headed to Jackson for the
$1,000 to win Doug Cellan memorial race.  There were a total of 26 IMCA
stock cars on hand.  We drew the 6th starting position in the 4th and final
heat.  Running the bottom lane, we passed three cars on way to a 3rd place
finish and drew the 7th place starting spot for the feature.  We made only a
slight adjustment to the car for 20 lap A-main.  We got to 4th early and the
race and eventually into 2nd position with about 13 laps to go.  We were
better than the leader on corner entry, but he'd pull us on exit.  The race
went green, white, checked and we could never get along side of the leader.  
It was good run for us, taking home a 2nd place finish
Sioux Center
Started on the pole for the heat and finished 1st. Started on the pole for the
feature and fine in line in 3rd early. Car was a little tight on entry and we feel
back to 5th.  Was passed by a Smith and Masters.
Rock Rapids
Started 6th in the heat and finished 5th. Track was super sloppy and made
for bad racing. By the time the feature came around, the track was still
somewhat tacky and a little rough. We started 4th and finished 2nd. The car
was a little loose. Time to rescale the car and find out why.
Motor problems occurring late in the heat race lingered into the feature
causing us not to be able to finish the evening.
Rock Rapids
Started 5th and ran down the leader, but couldn't get around him.  Was
passed by the 45K car who took the high-side around the top 2 cars.  Car
continues to be on the loose side.
Rock Rapids
Started 3rd and fell back to 5th with a tight race car.  Eventually cut down a
left rear tire.  Restarted in the back and could only get back up to 8th in the
few laps we had left.
Started on the pole and won our heat passing the 14 of Palmer to do so.  
Started on the pole for the feature.  Due to the sprinkles that had been
occurring all night, the track was one-laner around the top.  Was running 5th
with 2 laps to go when we broke valve.
Rock Rapids
The track was very heavy again tonight.  In the feature, the top 4 were
basically nose-to-tail when the 2nd place car got sideways.  We were running
4th and couldn't avoid driving into the drivers-side door of the 3rd place car.  
Our car will need to go on the frame machine.
The track was pretty much a one lane track the entire night.  The car
handled okay and was pretty fast.  We'd run everyone down, but was hard to
pass any cars.  Ended 10th in the feature after starting 13th.  Anytime you
went to the bottom lane, you'd lose a position of two.
Rock Rapids
Tonight was the final night at Rapid Speedway.  We started 3rd in the
feature and finished 3rd.  We tried a different gear tonight, but the car just
didn't get out of the corner good enough.  With this new camshaft, we did
learn what gears we need for the rest of the season.
Sioux Center
We started 2nd for the feature.  We fell back to 4th early in the race with a
ill-handling car.  With such fast corner speeds, the car would lay over on the
right rear too long causing us to not get of the corner.  We ended up
finishing 3rd.  We'll make some adjustments that should fix the problem.
We made our first appearance at Park Jefferson Speedway in a number of
years.  Went to experiment with a few things.  Had the wrong gear in the
gear and finished 5th.  Track was really dry.  We feel we can finish much
better the next time we show up.
We had an okay week at Boone.  Wednesday night we got spun in our heat
and finished about last in a B after getting caught up in a last lap wreck.  On
Thursday, we started outside pole in the heat and led every lap, winning our
first ever heat race at the IMCA Supernationals.  Was involved in two yellows
during the A feature, ending our night.  Started 5th in our last chance heat
race and finished 4th.  We were running down the top 3, but needed more
laps.  Needed to finish top 3 to make Friday nights A feature.
After running a strong 3rd in our heat, we started 7th in the A feature.  Track
was dry with a little line of moisture.  Car worked pretty good, but the late
cautions didn't benefit us.  Finished 4th.
Our 2010 Medieval chassis is destroyed after the 6L spun the 32 in turn 3 on
lap 2.  It created an 8 car pileup.  That's 2 destroyed cars in the last 2 nights
at Fairmont.  Don't think we'll ever be back at that track.